Season Update

Hello fellow bear hunters,

Spring 2012 is fast approaching and with it our 25th year of operating Rupertsland Guiding & Outfitting.

But first we would like to reflect on the past year and share some of the highlights of the 2011 season with you.

Although the spring was extremely wet and large tracts of our Katimik Lake area had standing water our hunters were all successful. Once again we welcomed our friends Jim, Paul and Pete to camp. This was a very special hunt for them as they celebrated their 10th hunt with us and also harvested large trophies.

As we were preparing the sites for the fall hunt, we noticed a lot of timber wolf activity around our baits and I knew that chances were excellent for our hunters from Wisconsin to harvest both bear and timber wolf.

I impressed on the group that if they each wanted to take home a timber wolf trophy, that they would have to be ready to take that shot as soon as the wolf is in the open and within shooting range. In my experience, wolves are always on the move, appear almost ghostlike out of nowhere, and will never stay long at the bait sites. They will detect the smallest movement or noise and will be gone in a blink of an eye.

One of our hunters was successful and took a black timber wolf home as a trophy. According to him it was the hunt he had always dreamed of.

In previous updates I have also made reference to the wood bison that were introduced to the northern Interlake Region about 25 years ago. For many years we only saw the odd sign of them, but during the past 3 years we have seen them more frequently around the Katimik Lake area and I have been able to take pictures of a few large bulls. What an experience to be within a few feet of these large, majestic and totally wild animals. My camera is always ready.

And we hope that you are ready to join us for an unforgettable experience.

Hope to see you in camp.

Werner E. Batke

Rupertsland Guiding & Outfitting
PO Box 336, Arnes, Manitoba, R0C 0C0  Canada
Telephone (204)642-5581
All photos taken by Werner and Karin Batke in the Rupertsland Outfitting Area.