Bear Hunt with us in Manitoba's unspoiled wilderness! In one of the most densely populated black bear hunting areas in North America!!

Rupertsland Guiding & Outfitting has been operating since 1988. Our hunting areas consistantly produce some of the largest black bears in Manitoba. To date 49 trophy bears with a skull size of 19+ are entered into the record books. The bears in our hunting areas come in all of the color phases from blond, brown,cinnamon to black.


To reach Rupertsland's remote bear hunting areas, we travel by ATVs, 4 wheel drive vehicles and boats. Bear Hunter to guide ratio is not more than three hunters per guide.

Our guides are professional and very well trained for services which includethe the preparation of outstanding meals, the care of your trophy and wild meat, and maintaining the equipment needed in a remote area for safe bear hunting.

Accommodations during your bear hunting trip are two rustic and comfortable camps at Katamik Lake and William Lake.

After 20 years of Outfitting, we have guided hunters from all over Europe, USA and Canada who have harvested a total of 350 bears. 

Join us and discover wild Manitoba! Watch the spectacular Northern Lights play across the sky, and experience the sounds and the solitude of a truly pristine wilderness.

Our goal is to provide you with a memorable hunting experience that can be cherished for a lifetime. Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend.


Since 1988, 370 hunters have harvested 350 bears. A record we are proud of!!

Rupertsland Guiding & Outfitting
PO Box 336, Arnes, Manitoba, R0C 0C0  Canada
Telephone (204)642-5581 
All photos taken by Werner and Karin Batke in the Rupertsland Outfitting Area.